10 Cheapest (Big) US Cities to Travel To

piggybank discusses the cheapest big US cities to live in

There are many people who avoid traveling to the United States because they think that they will find it too expensive or that their budget will not be enough to enjoy everything. Maybe you are one of those who prefer to travel with a backpack and a few dollars in your pocket, in this case, this article is for you.

There are many cities in the United States that you can visit and have fun even if you have a very limited budget. Transportation is cheap and you can even find economic or free activities that are designed exclusively for visitors,so it is ideal because you will not have to spend anything or nothing to enjoy your vacation in these cities of the United States.

So if you are thinking of traveling the US to discover its wonders and also to test yourself to show the world that it is possible to go without spending too much money, then read on because you will be interested in knowing these cities … take note!


Surely when reading the name of this city comes to mind a very famous film by actor Tom Hanks, but besides that, it will also start to come to mind because it is a city that can contribute a lot without having to spend too much money.

I have put this city on the highest list because it is a great city to meet with little money and that is that in Philadelphia you can do many things for free. The sites of historical interest do not charge entrance. It seems incredible since you will be used to living in a country that charges you almost for breathing, but in this case you can enjoy the following sites of historical interest such as:

•The Liberty Bell
•The Hall of Independence
•The first bank in the United States
•The Temple of the Masons
•City Hall
•The Rodin Museum
•Art Museum
•The Edgar Allan Poe Museum
•A long etc …

In addition, as if it were not enough you can also find places to sleep as hostels and hotels at the most reasonable prices with many amenities.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only the place where many people are getting married to celebrate an atypical wedding – it seems that it has already become a classic – but it is also the paradise of those who have little money. There are many people who think that if they go to Las Vegas with little money they will leave it with a lot of thanks to the casinos and gambling houses that exist there. But the reality is that the game is never a good choice to make money for sure, so if you have a small budget, it is best not to go near the casinos because then you run the risk of losing everything.

But in Las Vegas you can find many hotel offers, cheap meals and low cost activities or for a limited budget . It is a city that never sleeps, the lights are always on and you can always enjoy great walks at affordable prices such as:

•Venetian gondolas
•The Sports Hall of Fame
•The Saltwater Aquarium of Silverton
•The Chocolate Fountain in Bellagio
•Casinos with games every day – but remember what I told you in lines above.
Washington DC

If you like history then this place is ideal for you since it is one of the most historic places to visit. Most museums in Washington DC have free admission so you can enjoy all its splendor without having to take out your wallet.

An example of free museums are:

•The Smithsonian
•The Arlington Cemetery
•The White House
•The Lincoln Memorial
•The Vietnam Memorial
•The National Arboretum
•The Naval Museum•Among many others that will make your visit worthwhile.

In addition, to make matters worse, in summer there are usually many concerts and outdoor events that are also free. In this city fun is assured without having to spend any money, what else can you ask for?


In fourth place we can find the city of Baltimore. This city has a lot of history and also allows you to know it for free to expand your knowledge and be closer to knowing the city you are visiting.

In addition, you can also find free activities such as:
•Climb the Whashington monument
•Visit the tumbra of Edgar Allan Poe
•Visit the Mchenry Fort
•Stroll through picturesque Little Italy – you’ll love it, by the way.


It is not a lie if I tell you that Orlando is not one of the most popular cities for domestic tourism in the United States, but it is for foreign tourism. There are many tourists who are interested in knowing this city that is full of surprises for its visitors and also, it is a cheap city so you will not have to scratch too much your pocket to be able to enjoy everything you have for you waiting.
Although it is true that if you go to Disney or the famous Universal are not cheap places, yes there are many other cheaper things you can do to enjoy your cheap vacation in Orlando. Do you need some examples to enjoy the cheap city?

•Roller skating along Orlando’s beautiful coastline
•Visit the Lego Imagination Center
•Go to the Ripley Museum
•Visit the Science Center
•Get to know the Museum of Trains and trolleybuses
As you can see there are many plans you can make in these five wonderful cities that you can find in the United States. For this reason, if you want to go to North America but want to go on a budget, choose one -or several- of the cities that I have told you so that your holidays, as well as being perfect, are cheap.

If you decide to visit any of these cities with a low budget, do not hesitate to tell us your experience and tell us which are the cheapest places and which have been the ones that you have liked the most.