5 Ways to Help Your Child’s Financial Future

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When you can barely find time to take a shower and get some semblance of dinner on the table, how could you possibly have time to dish up a healthy understanding of personal finance for your children? There are never enough hours in the day so here are 5 fast and easy ways to insure a better financial future for your kids. 

Talk about money often and early

  • Children can grasp basic financial concepts at a very early age
  • When the time is right, open a bank account and make banking comfortable, not scary!

Teach them good spending habits

  • Make a list before you go to the store and stick to it
  • Create a budget for an outing or gathering and engage your child throughout the process

Take them grocery shopping

  • This is a great way to show them how to compare prices and familiarize them with receipts and comparison shopping.

 Make it fun!

  • Playing “store” or facilitating a neighborhood lemonade stand is a great way to take the taboo out of money (and a great summer activity for downtime).

Introduce allowance and chores

  • Helping around the house to earn an allowance or picking up odd jobs separate from your weekly chores is a great way to teach the value of money.

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