7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

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Going back to school after holidays has never been easy for kids. It gets even harder for parents since they are usually financially constrained by the needs of their schools. To help parents save money, we have a list of seven ways parents can save money on school supplies for their kids.

1. Buy supplies during the holidays

There are a lot of advantages of buying school supplies earlier before the back to school fever kicks in. Prices of some school supplies during holidays are a lot less than when the schools are about to re-open. Furthermore there is less congestion with parents and students buying stationeries, pens or specific books and merchants are less likely to run out and inconvenience you. Buying school supplies earlier allows you to organize yourself better psychologically and financially.

2. Have a list ready of everything you need

Shopping with a list helps you organize yourself better. It makes budgeting easier rather than shopping without a list, which can cause you to buy items you don’t need. Writing your own list or requesting an official list from the school helps you avoid buying stuff your child does not need or already has.

3. Re-use or recycle older school supplies

Kids misplace a lot of their stationery in the house during the holidays since they have less use for them during holidays. Before buying new supplies ransack the house for any stationery or school supplies that are in good condition and can be re-used.

You can also mend torn backpacks, uniforms or shoes that are in good condition rather than buying new ones. A parent can also agree with other parents to swap some supplies instead of buying new ones.

4. Buy quality items.

As much as the initial cost of buying a quality item may be expensive, you get to save more money in the long run. Quality items are more long lasting and work better. When buying things such as shoes, calculators or even pencils quality should always come first.

Poor quality supplies will have to be replaced regularly something that is expensive in the long run.

5. Shop online

Shopping online saves money in many ways. First, online shopping offers a lot of options for parents to choose from. Their prices are also very friendly and sometimes even offer discounts on items. A parent also gets to save a lot of cash and time that could have been used as they move around shopping. You can buy every thing your child needs and have them delivered to your doorstep on a computer without breaking a sweat.

6. Buy second-hand items

New stationery such as calculators or even certain books are very expensive. Luckily more people do graduate from school and find no use for such items. Buying second hand schools supplies can save you a lot of money. Parents can get second hand school supplies from flea markets, thrift shops or even online. However parents should carefully asses what they buy in order to avoid buying faulty items.

7. Buy in bulk

Buying small amounts of stationery’s such as crayons, pencils or even glue is expensive. Such items are cheaper in bulk and give parents control over how they are being used thus they are likely to last longer than buying them in small amounts.

So to Summarize

As much as a parent may want to save money when buying school supplies for their kids the quality of items being bought should not be compromised. High quality items are a bit expensive but last longer than poor quality items.