A Family Vacation for Less Than $5000

family vacation budgeting

In recent years, family vacations have become more difficult to arrange especially for those planning on traveling with the kids. Trips tend to become more expensive during school breaks not to mention the high cost of accommodation, food and entry fees to attractions which can affect your family vacation budget. Thankfully, it is not all doom and gloom as with some creativity you can explore the world and have fun together for less than $5000. Here are some ideas on how to take a family vacation in style and on a budget.

1. RV excursions

Adventurous families have plenty of low-cost and comfortable travel options that can make for a more interesting cheap vacation. The idea of a good time for most families is hiking through beautiful landscapes or spending nights under the stars. Recreational vehicle vacations provide just that. An RV excursion allows you to save a great deal since you can prepare most of your meals in the RV and you can also spend your night there with your family. You do not have to rely on the traditional hotel rooms that often get more expensive during the vacation seasons. An RV excursion also helps you save on activities because it costs nothing to enjoy nature.

2. Trim some extra expenses

Sometimes cutting back on a little extras goes a long way in lightening you vacation budget. For instance, you can opt to stay in a hotel with numerous offers such as free breakfast where you can save on the cost of one meal daily. Some resorts and hotels even allow kids to eat and stay free. You may also book a room with a kitchen where you can cook some of your own meals. Other ways of trimming your expenses include skipping the ride-share service or taxi to the airport and instead go for the less expensive public transportation and this way, your budget will thank you. Airbnbs are also an ideal way to get relatively cheap accommodations during a vacation. Booking accommodations with the best Airbnb hosts means that you will pay less than the cost of a hotel room.

3. Look out for cheap flights

If you are traveling internationally, it is a good idea to consider what a change in date can do especially if your schedule allows you some flexibility. Mid-week flights for instance tend to be cheaper that Friday or Saturday flights. For the best rates, you can fly either on Thanksgiving and sometimes on Christmas or New Year’s day. It will help a lot to compare prices at different times of the week in order to get the best airfare deals.

4. Discounted vacation packages and off-peak pricing

The internet can be a good place to start when looking for cheap vacations with discounted packages. Some discount sites offer discounted vacation packages which is a great way to save especially for those who can afford some flexibility in their schedule. Some resorts and hotels also offer low off-peak pricing deals when fewer tourists are around such as very early or very late in the vacation season.

5. National park vacations

You can take your family for a national park vacation which is an affordable way to tour some of the most beautiful and cherished landscapes. The national park system allows you to view wildlife in their natural habitat besides learning about cultural history, geology and getting a chance to appreciate the great outdoor scenery. Some national parks even have designated free days each year which helps you save even more.

6. Extreme outdoor adventure

There are many family-friendly hiking trails and biking trails where you can trade in the unhealthy foods and long car rides associated with vacations. An extended family hike or bike ride may need quite some planning and commitment but it is extremely budget-friendly. You will not have to pay more than the nightly camping fee since you will only need camping gear and packed food.

The most important thing when it comes to planning a family vacation budget is to first consider where the family wants to go on vacation and then prepare a budget that fits within your means. If you intend to travel out of the country, ensure that you check the passport requirements so that you can have ample time to apply or renew without paying more to expedite the process. Family vacations can be expensive but you can still create a cheap vacation budget and still have an exciting and memorable family vacation.