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Abby James is a financial analyst at Piggybank. She has experience with budgets for film sets and mid-sized company financing. She earned her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Miami.

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piggybank discusses dunkin donuts new brand

Was Changing the Name Bad for Dunkin Donuts?

Apart from IHOP and Weight Watchers, Dunkin Donuts is also getting a new name this summer. The official announcement came after the company had extensive testing over the previous year. According to the company’s management service, it will now be called Dunkin while Donuts is being removed from the original name. Another amazing thing about […]

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Piggybank discusses tips for how to sell your car online

Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Car Online

If you think that you no longer need your car, it is time to sell it. You might feel attached to it but at the time of selling, you want to get the best price possible. Besides the price you get, you also want the process to be as smooth as possible. Taking your car […]

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piggybank discusses the cheapest big US cities to live in

10 Cheapest (Big) US Cities to Travel To

There are many people who avoid traveling to the United States because they think that they will find it too expensive or that their budget will not be enough to enjoy everything. Maybe you are one of those who prefer to travel with a backpack and a few dollars in your pocket, in this case, […]

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when to shop for computers

The Five Best Days To Shop for Computers

Timing is a vital element when making shopping plans. Knowing the right time to buy your electronics is equally essential. You could search through the web for the best bargains on the market and end up satisfied. However, knowing when to act upon a deal may end up helping you save greatly on the best […]

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