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Adele is a Finance Blogger specializing in family budgeting, and she is a guest writer for Piggybank. She earned her Bachelors in Family Finance from the University of Alabama.

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What Does Going to College Really Cost?

We can all agree that quality education is the most important part of anyone’s life and yet can be one of the most cost-intensive things to undertake. Irrespective of the latter, we mostly have no choice but to try and attain it by any means. The most costly part of education is undeniably the college […]

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Five Possible Benefits of An FHA Loan

With housing costs skyrocketing by day across the globe not to mention the subsequently high cost of living, many individuals across the nation are financially stretched – with many worrying more about survival than saving a few bucks for a house down payment.  Nonetheless, for these financially strained individuals, FHA Loans may offer a reprieve […]

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used clothes on a budget

Budgeting for a Family: Buying Clothes

For many people in the world, the clothes a person wears represents a part of their identity, what they believe in and what they stand for. In addition, clothes enable one to identify with a certain fashion trend or preference. Shopping for clothes is usually a very enjoyable experience, as the feeling of acquiring new […]

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