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Let’s get down to brass tacks: Jessa Graves is a millennial with a decade of both customer service and point of sale system experience. She is clever, considerate, charismatic, hard-working, innovative, and can literally make anything happen; anything. The art of people comes easily, while an unparalleled work ethic keeps things movin' on down the line.

Posts by Jessa:

Is everybody working for the weekend?

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans this weekend? What’s going on this weekend? Anything fun planned for this weekend? It’s the small talk of choice for Friday afternoon checkouts and service counters, second only to the weather, and I wonder sometimes if people are really listening. BUT listen to this: Piggybank has […]

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Book Fairs and Dollar Bills

I remember shoving my hands into the magenta lined pocket of a too small winter coat – I had thirty-two one dollar bills rolled meticulously, bound by the now most important hair tie of my eight-year-old life. I had saved my allowance and the time was nigh – THE WINTER BOOK FAIR. Do schools even […]

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piggybank chore app

Slack panic attacks and how two guys are changing the allowance game forever…

NewTech PDX We use a pretty unique instant messenger called Slack to chat with each other throughout the day (and when I say unique, I mean I had never heard of it and I think it’s pretty cool). I was waking up to the sounds of push notifications getting closer and closer together. Adam was […]

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Family finance app with getpiggybank.com

5 Ways to Help Your Child’s Financial Future

When you can barely find time to take a shower and get some semblance of dinner on the table, how could you possibly have time to dish up a healthy understanding of personal finance for your children? There are never enough hours in the day so here are 5 fast and easy ways to insure […]

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piggybank bond explanation

Bond, what is a: 007 facts on bonds

In my never ending quest to find an appropriate, low maintenance financial baby shower gift I decided, “What the hay, I’ll read up on some more options before settling on a 529 College Savings Plan.” As I’m researching, I see a few new terms on the table and find, “Bond, James bond,” but now, because […]

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chores and allowance app

Okay, so it’s not “THE talk,” but it’s one of them.

Okay, so it’s not “THE talk,” but it’s an uncomfortable and somewhat taboo conversation nonetheless. Wait, so what am I’m talking about? It’s called, “The money talk,” and I guess it’s not really just one talk, but really the start of a lifelong dialogue. Since I can remember, talking about money was always mildly uncomfortable. […]

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chore app

Age appropriate chores: when to start, and never look back.

Growing up in my house, there was a saying, “When you’re old enough to see over the table you’re old enough to help with the table.” I was a pretty tall kid so this meant a pretty early start for me. I was probably four years old when when I was taught to set and […]

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budget allowance

So, how much do you pay your kids for allowance?

When I was eight or nine years old the going rate for scrubbing down my mom’s old Dodge Caravan was $5. The task took me around an hour and a half and was my summertime chore of choice. This of course was all inclusive – you better believe the inside windows, dash, and crevices were […]

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It takes a village to raise a startup

I know, I know, it’s “Child,” but if you think about it, this little tech startup is our baby. Piggybank would not be where it is today without the help of quite a few people; people for which we are extremely thankful. After creating an early beta of the Piggybank application we sought out some […]

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