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Katrina is a writer for Piggybank whose focus is family finance. She is a mother of three and lives in Topeka, Kansas. She earned her Masters in Accounting from University of Colorado, Boulder.

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5 Ways to Find Low Cost Skin Care

In today’s world, it is very difficult to find the best skin products at an affordable price, even though stores are full of numerous skin and beauty products from different brands. But don’t worry, there are some effective remedies for your skin which will provide the best skin care to you at a cheaper price. […]

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planning for retirement

Non-Traditional Retirement Preparation

Planning for your retirement is something you’ll do throughout most of your life (ideally!) A retirement plan is more than figuring out how you will live out your golden years once you’ve stopped working it’s also a great way to figure out your current finances and improve your overall money management. Getting Started Planning For […]

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how to budget a movie

What’s in a Budget…For a Movie Production?

The process of Film budgeting refers to preparation of a budget for a whole film production. This is usually done by the production accountant, the line producer or the unit production manager. The budgeting document can be up to 134 pages long, and it is used to secure funds for the pre-production to the overall […]

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