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Sarah Larson is a Senior Financial Analyst at Piggybank. She earned her Bachelors in finance at University of Michigan and her Masters in Personal Finance at Dartmouth.

Posts by Sarah Larson:

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Fast

It is not fun to pay off student loan debt. We all dread the day we have to take a huge amount of money from our pay to clear the loan. It is an awful feeling. This feeling is unending with the student loans stuck on our backs. However, paying off student loans is not […]

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college freshman budget

How Incoming College Freshmen Should Budget for Housing

If you ask graduating students, they will tell you that they remember college as the most beautiful period, full of knowledge, friendships, and things to discover. But being a freshman is not all roses and sunshine. Of course, the university allows you to study what really interests you, organize your study day as you see […]

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Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Household Budget

Once a person stops learning, she starts┬ádying. Where you are now shouldn’t be a deterrent to a change for the better. And to reside to fate is to be crippled fast. The latest financial position can change. People think that saving money is a very difficult task. This is because they always look forward to […]

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