Book Fairs and Dollar Bills

I remember shoving my hands into the magenta lined pocket of a too small winter coat – I had thirty-two one dollar bills rolled meticulously, bound by the now most important hair tie of my eight-year-old life. I had saved my allowance and the time was nigh – THE WINTER BOOK FAIR. Do schools even have book fairs anymore? I, of course, could not keep the money from burning a hole in my pocket. I had to tell my teacher. “That’s a lot of cash to be walking around with…” “Whatever,” I thought silently to her response. I felt like the richest kid alive and quickly cavorted with the new friends that appreciated my wealth.

My parents were proponents of allowance off and on throughout my childhood. I can even remember some of the subtle detailing on the calendar my Mom had made for the fridge. There were also bonuses for making it to bed early (ingenious) and silent reading time. I learned how to work for my money.

Fast forward the formidable years of my life to early January of this year. I was desperately trying to make a career change because I was just plain unhappy and I needed to do something that didn’t make me want to cry. Amidst a fit of complaining and wine sipping (while simultaneously trolling social media)*, I stumbled upon a FaceBook ad for Piggybank. While pretending to listen to a conversation, I checked out the site and immediately sent an email. “Even piggy banks deserve customer service,” was the subject of the best wine induced decision I have ever made.

When I met the guys at Piggybank and the talk of allowance became the norm, it was hard for me to not revert back to my second grade fascination. How FREAKING excited would you have been romping into your second grade class with your very own Piggybank card, with your very own name on it? I think back on my allowance, and my chores, and the lists, and the calendars, and they are a fond memory for which I am thankful. I may or may not be a tiny bit biased, but this app is making chores cool, and more importantly, making memories that are worth their weight in gold.

How will you remember your Piggybank?

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*This is a habit I get in trouble for – a lot. I’m working on it.