Budgeting for a Family: Buying Clothes

used clothes on a budget

For many people in the world, the clothes a person wears represents a part of their identity, what they believe in and what they stand for. In addition, clothes enable one to identify with a certain fashion trend or preference. Shopping for clothes is usually a very enjoyable experience, as the feeling of acquiring new clothes is very exhilarating.

However, buying clothes can be expensive as most retail stores and outlets put high prices for the trendiest clothes. If one cannot afford to buy high end clothes, one might opt to purchase second hand clothes. For a family of four, this can be very beneficial, while ensuring such a family gets the best quality available. Some of the ways to ensure a family of four get the best quality while shopping for second hand clothes include:

Make a family clothing budget

A family of four should sit down and make a comprehensive budget which is specifically dedicated for shopping of clothes. This can be done monthly or any period of time the family seems fit. Thereafter, the family should ensure they keep in mind the thrift shop they will visit and the range of prices offered at the thrift store. This will guarantee the shopping does not go overboard the clothing budget, while getting the highest quality of clothes.

Identification of high quality second hand clothes stores

A family of four should ensure they identify a store whose reputation of selling second hand clothes preceded them. They should carry out a quick survey, whether online or by asking friends and acquaintances, of the best store that sells second hand clothes. From online stores to physical ones, a family should then select the best store that offers the best quality of clothes, from adult to children’s clothes. Essentially, this will ensure the family gets the best quality around in the second hand clothes.

Buying of clothes that are needed only

While at a second hand clothes store, one should ensure they strictly buy clothes which they planned for. Thrift shops tend to have so many clothes which have cheaper prices and are more high quality. One may get excited at seeing various clothes which are more attractive and cheaper, and get tempted to purchase extra clothes which were unplanned for. This will ultimately mess up the shopping budget and the household finance budget. In addition, the extra clothes may be less in quality as compared to the clothes one intended to buy. Therefore, one should stick to buying the clothes the planned for only.

Buying of clothes to be worn immediately

Clothes should be for the purposes of being worn immediately. In many instances, one might find themselves buying clothes which will be worn for special occasions. These occasions include weddings, interviews, meetings and vacations. For a family of four to get the best quality in the second hand clothe, they should ensure they buy clothes which will be worn in the near future. This is to prevent cases whereby family members outgrow clothes after not wearing them for long periods of time.

Buy clothes that have minimal damage

When purchasing used clothes, one should ensure they buy clothes which have minimal damage. This entails stubborn stains, tears, and shirts without buttons. This will ensure one only buys clothes which are in a great condition, and can be worn without having to incur additional costs in fixing them. Moreover, one should buy clothes which can be easily washed to guarantee longevity on the part of the other family members

Second hand clothes are a very cost effective way of dressing up and being fashionably sophisticated. The second hand clothes are not only cost effective but they are also a good way to enable one get the best quality the clothing industry has to offer. For a family of four, the household finance should be tweaked to allow them to purchase the best quality second hand clothing, for stylish and presentable looks.