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Piggybank reviews and explains certain changes in the global economic climate.

piggybank discusses dunkin donuts new brand

Was Changing the Name Bad for Dunkin Donuts?

Apart from IHOP and Weight Watchers, Dunkin Donuts is also getting a new name this summer. The official announcement came after the company had extensive testing over the previous year. According to the company’s management service, it will now be called Dunkin while Donuts is being removed from the original name. Another amazing thing about […]

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Piggybank discusses Elon Musk share price

What Elon Musk’s SEC Settlement Means for Tesla

Since Elon Musk’s erratic behavior in the past few weeks has caused significant changes in Tesla company worth, the general public and especially stockholders want to know what effect the settlement will have on Tesla’s value. The good news is that in the short term, Tesla appears to be thriving and their settlement means good […]

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piggybank reviews new nafta deal

How The New NAFTA Is Good For Everyone

Despite the skeptics, the new NAFTA deal is important for the future of the US, Mexico, and Canada. There are some key points of the new NAFTA deal that you have to think about, as the financial details of new NAFTA are many.  The NAFTA deal is here to stay for a long time because it […]

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