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How we developed the piggybank application.

piggybank and node.js

How Piggybank uses Node, Geddy Model, and Restify

Piggybank was started by Adam and I (hi, this is Oscar). We’re both front-end devs and JavaScript was our strong point, so when we went out looking for backend tools and frameworks we started with Node. Node has been proven by other financial companies such as Paypal so we decided to use it for our […]

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Creating a radio input component with React.js

Let’s just get it out of the way. React is hawt. Still. This made us skeptical to try it, but since being released only two years ago, the front-end framework from Facebook has been adopted by tech monsters including Dropbox, Instagram, Netflix, and Reddit, among many others. I had never used it before working on […]

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npm Private Modules with Heroku

Yesterday npm released a feature called private modules. It let’s you publish to their module registry ( but keep your modules private. The old way of achieving private modules without running your own registry was convoluted, didn’t work well and required you commit and push your app tokens into your source code (gross). The new […]

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Piggybank’s JavaScript Code Guide

The Three Truths At Piggybank, when we first started writing JavaScript, we brought up JavaScript style guides. Unlike languages like Go where the majority of the code follows identical syntax, JavaScript can be all over the board in how its written and that’s why so many companies adopt JavaScript style guides. However, we didn’t want […]

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