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Kardashian daily budget

What’s the Average Kardashian Daily Budget?

In the world of reality shows, Keeping Up With the Kardashians can be rated among the top most followed shows across the world. It has garnered a huge following over the years since its famous participants have made it worth watching. The show offers us a glimpse into the lives of the Kardashians’ family members. […]

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set a halloween budget with piggybank

How To Create the Perfect Halloween Budget

Halloween is a big deal in the US and just like any other Western country, a lot of household preparation is involved. Every household literally becomes busy decorating their house with tomb stones, fake skeletons, fake spider webs, pumpkins and so much more. The kids too have a lot of expectations for this day that […]

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Piggybank discusses tips for how to sell your car online

Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Car Online

If you think that you no longer need your car, it is time to sell it. You might feel attached to it but at the time of selling, you want to get the best price possible. Besides the price you get, you also want the process to be as smooth as possible. Taking your car […]

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can you make money selling rogan fields

Can You Make Money Selling Rodan + Fields Products?

If  you are an entrepreneur, you will probably want to be part of something that pays you to do your homework. Well, there are several platforms that people use to make money selling skin care products online. One of these platforms is Rodan + Fields. So, is selling Rodan + Fields profitable? What is Rodan + Fields? […]

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get free things on your birthday

Where to Go For Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Everyone loves birthdays, Don’t you? Celebrating one’s birthday comes with expectations of receiving gifts. You can budget for your birthday or go for free birthday stuff. Some places and restaurants offer free birthday gifts. What you need to Do to Get Free Birthday Gifts As much as free things are for free, there are terms […]

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5 Ways to Find Low Cost Skin Care

In today’s world, it is very difficult to find the best skin products at an affordable price, even though stores are full of numerous skin and beauty products from different brands. But don’t worry, there are some effective remedies for your skin which will provide the best skin care to you at a cheaper price. […]

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college freshman budget

How Incoming College Freshmen Should Budget for Housing

If you ask graduating students, they will tell you that they remember college as the most beautiful period, full of knowledge, friendships, and things to discover. But being a freshman is not all roses and sunshine. Of course, the university allows you to study what really interests you, organize your study day as you see […]

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back to school shopping best ways

7 Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Going back to school after holidays has never been easy for kids. It gets even harder for parents since they are usually financially constrained by the needs of their schools. To help parents save money, we have a list of seven ways parents can save money on school supplies for their kids. 1. Buy supplies […]

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post malone spending habits

Financial Analysis: Post Malone’s Spending Habits

What are Post Malone’s Earnings? Post Malone’s success since he started making music a few years ago has been taken him on an incredible ride. His album Stoney which was released in 2016 has contributed to his current success. His estimated salary and earnings from record sales and tours last year totals over $7 Million. […]

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used clothes on a budget

Budgeting for a Family: Buying Clothes

For many people in the world, the clothes a person wears represents a part of their identity, what they believe in and what they stand for. In addition, clothes enable one to identify with a certain fashion trend or preference. Shopping for clothes is usually a very enjoyable experience, as the feeling of acquiring new […]

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