Financial Analysis: Post Malone’s Spending Habits

post malone spending habits

What are Post Malone’s Earnings?

Post Malone’s success since he started making music a few years ago has been taken him on an incredible ride. His album Stoney which was released in 2016 has contributed to his current success. His estimated salary and earnings from record sales and tours last year totals over $7 Million. In 2018 Post Malone’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 Million.

The video for “White Iverson” has over 300 million views on YouTube and has contributed to his total net worth. Post Malone headlined his own tour in 2016 making an average of $243,000 per show in 41 appearances.

His hit single “Rockstar,” has generated over $500,000 in total revenue and “Bodak Yellow”, which featured Cardi B was the only song ahead of Malone’s “Rockstar” on Billboard and generated $160,760 in total revenue.

How about his expenses?

He bought a house in Northern part of Utah built in a 13,000 square foot which cost him about $3 million.

It is evident that Post Malone is a big spender and likes to spend his money on fancy and expensive luxuries such as:


His dad is a huge car lover and has a collection of his own. Post’s music video for White Iverson evidently shows Post Malone loves cars.

He also likes to customizes his rides. He customised a Lincoln Continental to up his car game. Post has a few Rolls Royce’s too in his collection.


He has an obsession with dressing original foreign clothes. Post loves spending on clothes and has been known to spend over ten thousand dollars in one store. A red flannel, an all white suit is what he is seen dressed in most times. Post rocked a Stone Cold Steve Austin jacket at the BET Awards.


Post Malone has a passion for  traveling, which is an expensive hobby. During his Stoney album tour he toured across the USA and was constantly traveling on his own dime.


Post Malone notices his fans unlike many celebrities and tries to treat them. At his Coachella party, Post bought Popeyes biscuits amounting to $8000 for fans. This type of generosity towards his fans is what continues to grow his base.

Post Malone throws more parties and his party budget just shows how much cash he has and how much he is willing to spend on food and alcohol.


Just like many artists in hip hop, Post Malone loves jewellery. In the hip hop culture jewellery is a symbol of how much someone is worth or earns and the more it is the more popular you become. Post states that he can’t leave home without his gold watch. He carries it around even if he is not wearing it.

Post also rocks a necklace with two Hello Kitty pendants tied to it, which he says helps him to attract girls. He is also seen rocking a lot of gold necklaces. He owns three with varying sizes and rocks all three at once.