Hey Dad, a little help here?

My dad absolutely loves telling one particular story about me. In any kind of setting, with no real reason, or prompt for such a story, it never fails. He always tells this story. I was about four years old. Both of my parents worked at this time in my life. I spent a lot of time with Grandma or with one parent as their schedules alternated, which meant a whole lotta time keeping myself entertained. Like any other night, my Mom headed out for her evening shift and my dad headed in from a twelve hour day. Dinner and TV were checked off the list and my Dad fell asleep after turning on the news. I hated when he turned on the news. I retreated to my bedroom and found solace in my best friends, the thirty stuffed animals hanging in a loosely woven hammock above my bed. 

Now, what happens from here is foggy to me, but father not only knows best, he remembers better. He woke up to light tapping on his shoulder and a strained, but calm voice that said, “Hey dad, uh dad, hey dad, a little help here?” The cotton net once holding my precious and plush family was tightly tied around my tiny neck.

He absolutely loves acting out my little voice, coughing slightly and motioning towards his neck. The resolve of the his favorite story often ends in him commenting on how markedly calm I was for how remarkably dangerous the situation was. How he told me he loved me, that I can’t put things around my neck like that, and how I never did it again. His laughs and his smiles about the whole thing remain consistent even after all these years. After hundreds of orations, variations and audiences, he just loves telling this story.

I am very fortunate and thankful for the relationship I have with my father. I have always been able to approach him with things wrapped around my neck or weighing on my chest. I see him as a bastion of knowledge, concern, and practicality. It’s only natural that in addition to built in life coach, my father is also my financial advisor. He has been my money guy from day one, whether or not he really knew it. Heck, whether or not I knew it! Over the last five years especially he has been a part of and has counseled me on big purchases, home buying, saving, the list continues. I actually feel strange when he isn’t involved in those decisions, but confident because of the things he taught me.

Thanks to all those Dads out there wearing all the hats, telling all the terrible jokes and doing it all commission free. Happy Father’s Day!