How a Fortnite Addiction Costs You Money

Fortnite Costs You Money in Other Ways Says Piggybank Financial App

The Fortnite video game is gaining traction among both adult and young people these days. Why is Fortnite so addictive when people play this video game? This video game is easy to understand by people of any age limit. The gameplay or how-to-play section of this video game is easy and simple to understand. One thing is sure when playing Fortnite, it’s time limited. This means that you can play several sets of the game in an ephemeral of time. People that find other video games to be complex will eventually settle for Fortnite. Both adults and kids that find it difficult to play video games will discover that Fortnite is highly attractive.

The social aspect of the game is undeniable, making players to engage in squads, duos and individuals of four. The live chat capability between gamers of the same group in Fortnite has made it a highly social activity. Even if you are not a tech savvy person, playing Fortnite will not pose any problem. Is your quest for Fortnite time,Fortnite addiction,Fortnite and daily schedule,Fortnite cost and other important opportunities? Do you know that engaging in a Fortnite addiction can make people miss out on great opportunities?

Your Exercise Regimen:

Exercise is a crucial part of people’s daily life one way or the other. Exercise brings healthy benefits to your body and makes you remain active. Remember that an opportunity cost remains the alternative forgone. What will you choose between playing a Fortnite game and going for your daily exercise regimen? Fortnite is a free video game which may have you seated only in a particular position for a long time. Seating in a given position for a long time may lead to poor blood circulation and other pressing health problems.

Full-time Job:

Having a full-time job these days is not an easy task. With a full-time job, you will be able to pay your electricity bills, water bills, food stuff, rent and other important sundry expenses. Getting addicted to the video game called Fortnite will make you forget about your normal daily work hours. Punctuality is the soul of a business and if your employer notices slackness repeatedly, they may be forced to hire someone serious to the position. This implies that engaging in a Fortnite addiction can cost you a full-time job.

Business Deals:

Are you a businessman that likes to be engulfed in video games? Do you give video games like Fortnite much time than attending to clients? There is every possibility for serious customers to start looking somewhere else if your attention remains limited toward them. For instance, if you are handling one million dollars home reconstruction deal with a customer, it is important to put your rank and file into the project. However, if you played a Fortnite video game in the negotiation hours, your client may simply deal with someone else. In a nutshell, engaging in a Fortnite addiction can make you miss the biggest business deal of your entire life.


Playing the Fortnite game can make you miss great opportunities on personal care, family pressing issues, relationship activities and just to mention a few. When playing a Fortnite game always have in mind the word “Opportunity cost”. This will help you manage your time judiciously and win more daily opportunities.