How Much The Average Pro Golfer Makes And Spends During The Ryder Cup

2018 ryder cup costs with piggybank

If you think Golf is boring game, think again! It is one of the highest paying games in the world, and there are some very big names associated with it. Just like any other game, this game also has fantastic moments, and as a result, it has a tremendous fan following. Ryder Cup is considered as one of the most exciting sporting events, and it is a sight to be seen and experienced. The game is intense, and fans are on their feet cheering for their favorite players. Ryder Cup Golfers have acknowledged the game to be of a level that is unmatched and unparalleled by any other event.

One of the areas that have always been speculated and debated is Ryder Cup earnings. Many golfing enthusiasts believe that once the game has been won, the team would be handed over a giant cheque. In reality, it is not so. This game is played for pride, bragging rights and most important of all, for the love of the game.

There was a time when this sporting event barely made any profit. The tide turned in the mid-1980s when Europe starting to win under Tony Jacklin’s leadership. Today, things are entirely different. The event is successfully drawing millions of pounds in profits as a result of well-negotiated sponsorship and television deals.

Over the years, participant golfers have asked why they are not remunerated for their excellent game and the sweat and tears they have given to this game they hold so close to their heart. Tiger Woods was once asked if he would prefer Ryder Cup Victory or winning an event worth $1 million and he settled for the latter. Later, a decision was made to donate $100, 000 to charity by PGA of America and $100, 000 to a College Development-Program in each participant’s name.

The question of players’ earnings in major golfing events persisted. While it was all about building relationships and teamwork in the case of the Ryder Cup, players play in a lot of golfing majors all around the year and earn a healthy amount of cash.

It is worth acknowledging that out of top 25 highest paid golfers; eight are competing in the current year’s Ryder Cup. Since they occupy a firm position among top-paid golfers, they can cope without getting prize money in return. The pay of some well-known golfers ranges from as low as Jose Maria-Olazabal ($ 6, 330) to as high as Luke Donald ($ 6, 683, 214) on other golfing majors.

For Mickelson and Woods, all that matters is winning the event and coming out victorious. If you are still unable to believe that both notable players are going to take nothing back home, take comfort from the fact that both of them will be competing in a game in November that comes with a purse worth $9m (£6.96 million).

It is worth noting that not all Ryder Cup participants enjoy a lot of endorsements like some heavyweights involved in the game and they may end up incurring expenses during the tournament. Currently, many of the players get token gifts and a weekly allowance that help them to cover some of the Ryder Cup expenses. Rest of the expenses, they have to bear on their own. Things have changed a lot since the event came into existence, but the underlying fact remains the same. This game is played more for pride than prize money.