How To Create the Perfect Halloween Budget

set a halloween budget with piggybank

Halloween is a big deal in the US and just like any other Western country, a lot of household preparation is involved. Every household literally becomes busy decorating their house with tomb stones, fake skeletons, fake spider webs, pumpkins and so much more. The kids too have a lot of expectations for this day that is marked on the night of October 31. From scary and silly costumes to trick-or-treat, Halloween celebration in the US is definitely a spectacular event. Both kids and the kids at heart have an opportunity to enjoy this day while wearing awesome consumes that mimic a superhero, witch, werewolf, vampire or a fairy. In this article, we will look at how to prepare for this holiday as well as how to create the perfect Halloween budget.

What To Buy For Halloween

Most households are horrified at the idea of preparing for Halloween since they may not have an idea of how to create a perfect Halloween budget but you can make the most out of this day without scaring your bank account. Some cool stuff to buy for your next Halloween holiday include the following:

– Carved pumpkins

– Purple, black and orange lights

– Black cats

– Candy for trick-or-treaters

– Fall-scented candles

– Fake spider webs

– Window decors

– Tombstones for your front yard

– A witch’s cauldron

You can use a spiderweb lace overlay to dress your fireplace mantle depending on your creative desires. Halloween is all about fun, tricks and treats and the best way to bring the spirit of the holiday into your home is to create spooktacular decorations that will make the day memorable.

Halloween Budget

The average cost of Halloween in the US is approximately $5 billion every year which is why it is the second most popular consumer-driven holiday in the US after Christmas. The average American spends anywhere between $70 and $80 each year to prepare for Halloween. If you are eager to participate in these festivities, you will need to identify the most financially feasible way to do so. A good idea is to involve your family and friends to help you come up with some unique home decorations. For costumes, you can purchase affordable items that can also be used for multiple costumes in future events. For instance, one black cape can easily be transformed into a Batman, wizard, witch or vampire costume. Halloween costumes can go for between $50 and $100 although you can still find discounted offers.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on Halloween themed candy or food since these items will obviously not be reused. When buying candy for trick-or-treaters, consider getting together with your family and friends to purchase your candy in bulk from discount stores. This way you can share the cost as well as the candy between households. You can also team up with your neighbors for a neighborhood bash where you can share the cost of food and drinks.

The internet also comes with several benefits when it comes to Halloween as you can use it to find the best deals on costume purchases and decorations. Halloween is a time to enjoy with your family and friends and not the time to be haunted by the ghost of expensive holiday transactions.