It takes a village to raise a startup

I know, I know, it’s “Child,” but if you think about it, this little tech startup is our baby. Piggybank would not be where it is today without the help of quite a few people; people for which we are extremely thankful. After creating an early beta of the Piggybank application we sought out some folks willing to help us break Piggybank. No really though, the copy was something to the effect of “HELP US BREAK PIGGYBANK”. There may have even been mention of a prize for the first person to do it.

The idea behind having early beta testers, aside from finding bugs, was to implement any ideas or efficiencies that made the app, well, better. We formed a Facebook group and invited those brave families to test the app. The founders (aka app developers aka Oscar and Adam) were able to make changes based upon the wants and needs . A prime example is the creation of notifications, recurring chores, and “open chores.”

Farrah is currently one of our active early beta testers. She has been integral through the entire early beta process and agreed to answer some questions:

How did you come to be a Piggybank beta tester? 

I actually came across the site through Twitter and reached out and begged to be one 🙂  The idea is fabulous!

Farrah! Tell us about your family: total creative freedom – have fun with it (a family photo would be awesome too)! 

My family is full of awesome. I have two teenage boys and one up and coming teenager who is almost 5.

Did you have allowance or chores (or both) as a kid? 

I was lucky – I got allowance but skimmed on all my chores.

We want to know your favorite chores and your least favorite chores:

Bryndon who is 15 hates them all, but likes the money he said.  He said he will be much more proactive when he gets money added to a debit card immediately because he isn’t a fan of waiting for me to get cash.

Kyler said all the chores will be his favorite once he has a debit card.  For now – dusting, he guesses.

How did you handle chores and allowance before you started to use Piggybank?

I wrote a note and prayed that they would get done.  It sometimes takes me a week to pay them as I have to find time to get to the bank and get cash.  I don’t carry it as I like to spend it if I have it.

Has Piggybank streamlined or bettered your family’s chores/allowance experience?

Absolutely.  The boys now can take pictures or videos and send to me while I am out of the home to prove to me that they did it.  They actually will text me and remind me to approve their chores and to add them!

What does your family have to say about Piggybank?

It makes chores more fun – they can see how much money that they are earning – “BRING ON THE DEBIT CARDS”

Why should other families use Piggybank?

Piggybank streamlines the whole process.  It makes it easier to track what is getting done and for the kids it gets them excited to complete the chores as they can see their balance going up in real time.  They really like that.

Anything else you want to share about your experience?

This is a great idea and I am looking forward to watching Piggy Bank grow.  What an awesome idea!!!!  I am so happy to be involved early on.

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