Make the Most Out of Your Travel With the Best Credit Cards

piggybank travel credit cards

Travel credit cards help customers get many travel related perks. These perks include free travel and important member status with airlines and hotels. You can get cash back from their travel credit cards but most prefer to use them to redeem or collect points for travel related benefits.


Travel Credit Cards 

There are a wide range of travel credit cards in the market. Each card has pros and cons when it comes to redeeming or earning points. The best travel credit cards are difficult to choose from the available cards. The best travel credit cards will be the cards that suit individual needs. Some credit cards for travel are good for big sign in bonuses and large travel spending and some for low travel spending, sign up bonus and no annual fee. Some credit cards for travel give good bonus rewards and benefits. Some give good flat rate travel rewards while some give loyalty hotel rewards and a large sign up bonus while some give loyalty hotel rewards with large welcome offers.
Before you sign up for a travel credit card you must carefully read the rules of the issuer. You should make sure that you get transferable points. Your benefits depend on the minimum spending amount. Credit card companies offer a high sign up bonus but you must remember that you need to spend money to get points. You can enjoy enjoyable high end travel perks if you carefully read the fine print and use the credit card sensibly.

Credit Card Miles 

Credit card miles are credit card points. Credit card miles give miles benefits to travelers. These credit card miles are redeemed for miles benefits like hotel stays, airfare, some travel expenses and car rentals. Miles are earned for every dollar you spend on the credit card and for spending in specific categories and for spending a certain amount of money after opening a new account within a specific period of time. The Platinum Card from American Express is the best travel credit card If you spend $5000 within the first three months you get 60,000 points. These points can be redeemed for $200 free airline credit, $200 Uber car credits, $100 Saks Fifth Avenue credit and $250 lounge access. You get $750 credit totally.

Bonus Points 

You can get many bonus points benefits by getting the most suitable credit card. You can earn bonus points worth hundreds by signing up for a travel credit card. When you shop for a credit card and if you are looking for free nights at hotels or discounted airfare a travel credit card with bonus points benefits will give you the best deals for your needs. The best bonus card is the British Airways Visa Signature Card. You pay an annual fee of $95 and you get 100,000 points for spending $1500. If you spend $30,000 in a year, you get a travel together ticket.

Hotel Points 

You can get free nights and a wide range of elite perks at hotels by using hotel points credit cards. You can choose among many different perks offered by hotel points credit cards and choose one according to your specific needs. You may have a brand loyalty and prefer staying at a certain hotel chain. You can get a statement of credit when you stay for a certain number of days at a hotel. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is the best hotel credit card because you earn 10 points per dollar on bookings made through and 2 miles per dollar on other purchases. The annual fee is $95 and the fee is waived after the first year. If you spend $3000 within three months of opening your account you earn 50,000 points.

Car Rental Points 

Rental car points credit cards are useful if you plan to rent a car and take your family for a summer vacation. These rental car points credit cards not only give a good sign up bonus but also a primary car rental coverage insurance. You can save a lot of money in case of an accident because of this coverage. The coverage is only for damages to the car and not for injuries or if you cause damage to any other property. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is the best card for car rentals because it comes with a primary car rental coverage. This reimburses damage caused by collision or theft up to the cash value of the rental vehicle. The primary coverage offered ensures that you do not have to file a claim. You also get 50,000 points after you spend $4,000 within the first three months.

Airline Points 

If you use a specific airline for travel, you can get a credit card that offers points for flying on the airline carrier. There are other airline points credit cards that give a wide range of perks and benefits across airline carriers. Airline credit cards give you bonus points on each anniversary of using the card every year. They also give you discounts on your fare and the fare of your companion.

Some airlines give you one free checked baggage benefits. Other perks offered by airline credit cards include priority boarding, discounts on inflight food and beverage purchases and extra bonus points for high spending. Airline points credit cards can be used for round trips, one way, multi-stop and open jaw itineraries. The best airline credit card is the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card. The annual fee is $69 and you are given 40,000 points if you spend $1000 within the first three months. You also get 3,000 bonus points each year on your card member anniversary. Your points also count towards a companion pass.

Student Travel 
If you are a college student, you can sign up for airline and hotel credit cards. When you sign up for a student travel credit card you must make sure that there is no annual fee. You must make sure that you can earn points while flying the airline that you frequently use. You must make sure that you can redeem points for benefits like discounts for purchases in-flight and free checked baggage. You may also like to sign up for credit cards that offer hotel loyalty programs. Many well-known hotel chains offer these programs and you can accumulate points and redeem them for a free stay at hotels.

You will also find student travel credit cards that are transferable and can be used for airline travel and hotel stays useful. Your budget as a student is limited and signing up for a fixed rate cash back card will give you more travel benefits. The Discover it Chrome Student Credit Card gives many rewards for student card holders. It offers cash back on purchases and gives extra bonuses for high grades. For the first five years of singing up for the card, you can get a high grades bonus. You can also get a $20 cash back bonus for every school year. You can request and get the bonus in a few easy steps. The Discover it Chrome Students Credit Card has no annual fee making it easy to use for students on a small budget. If you request the bonus every year you get a benefit of $100 across five years.
Signing up for a travel credit card that suits your unique travel patterns will help you earn points that can be redeemed for a wide range of travel benefits and make your journey exciting and enjoyable.