Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Car Online

Piggybank discusses tips for how to sell your car online

If you think that you no longer need your car, it is time to sell it. You might feel attached to it but at the time of selling, you want to get the best price possible. Besides the price you get, you also want the process to be as smooth as possible.

Taking your car to a local car dealer and relying on him might not be the best option. Fortunately, the Internet can serve you well and you can sell your car online. Let’s see how to sell a car online and save yourself a lot of hassles.

Top Ten Tips To Sell Your Car Online

1. Get Your Car In The Best Condition Possible

You don’t need to spend too much money and try to fix everything. However, the buyer would expect to see a car is a great condition that he can just buy and start using. Fix all the minor issues and clean your car properly from the inside and the outside.

2. Find The True Value Of Your Car

Before you try to sell your car, you must know the true value of your car. To check the value of your car, you can go to websites like that give you a general estimate. A number of car trade websites also offer an estimate of the value of your car.

Don’t ask for a price which is too high as it can turn away the potential price. Your asking price should be a little higher than what you think your car is really worth.

3. Take Care Of The Paperwork And Documents

Take care of the paperwork like registration, insurance, etc. Find out other important papers like the service manual, warranty documents and other papers. Collect all the papers you will possibly need. Prepare the documents you will need during the sale like the bill of sale and the transfer documents required by your state.

4. Check The Pictures Of Your Car

Your car needs a mini-photoshoot before you think of selling it. Potential buyers will look at the pictures first if you sell your car online. Choose the best pictures that you would like to upload with your ads.

5. List Your Car In The Right Places

There are a number of great websites to sell your car. Some of the best websites where you can sell your car are eBay Motors, CarGurus, TrueCar, Facebook Marketplace, Vroom, Autotrader, and Craigslist. To speed up the sale process, list your car at all of them.

6. Decide The Payment Mode

You will sell your car for thousands of dollars so cash is probably not the right mode of payment. Let the car buyers know about the mode of payment you want to use like Wire Transfer, etc. Different websites also offer a number of different modes of payment. Choose a method which is convenient for you as well as the buyer.

7. Write Great Ads

The quality of your ads determines the kind of response you get. After looking at the pictures, the buyer will like to read the description of the vehicle. Provide all the relevant information about your car like ownership, miles, year, etc.

Try to answer the most relevant expected questions within your ad to speed up the sale process. Write a description which is easy to read and divide it into small chunks of text instead of one or two big paragraphs that are difficult to read. Highlight the most important information and you can even use subheadings to make it easy for the buyer.

8. Decide The Meeting Location

You can meet the potential buyers at your home or a place that suits you as well as the buyer. You should coordinate with the buyer about the place where you would like to meet him. Choose a location that saves your time and where it is easy to talk and discuss.

The potential buyer would also like a test drive, so make sure that the location is right for a test drive. You want the buyer to be satisfied before you take the process forward. The place should allow the buyer to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Make sure that you check the driver’s license of the buyer before letting him drive your car for testing.

9. Be Prepared To Bargain

As the buyer will be paying you thousands of dollars, they will try to lower the price as much as possible. Don’t be surprised if somebody offers a lot lower than you expect. Compare the prices offered by different buyers. Don’t be in a hurry to finalize the deal if you’re getting a lot of offers.

Ask a price which is not too high but set up the minimum price you expect for the vehicle and the maximum you would like to get. You don’t need to disclose what you expect but use your minimum and maximum as your reference points during the bargain.

10. Deliver The Keys

Never deliver the keys before completing the paperwork and getting paid in full. A buyer might make a partial payment and promise to pay you the rest soon but don’t go for it. The buyer becomes the rightful owner only once he makes the complete payment and signing the mandatory legal documents. Deliver the keys after the entire sale process is complete.

Final Thoughts

Selling your car online is not only convenient but it is good in a number of ways. It can allow you to get a lot of exposure that your dealers cannot get for your car. You control the sale process yourself instead of depending on a dealer.

The quality of the pictures and ad will determine the response rate so make sure you create nice ads to sell your car online. You can follow the above-listed tips to ease up the sale process and to get the best price for your car.