Was Changing the Name Bad for Dunkin Donuts?

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Apart from IHOP and Weight Watchers, Dunkin Donuts is also getting a new name this summer. The official announcement came after the company had extensive testing over the previous year. According to the company’s management service, it will now be called Dunkin while Donuts is being removed from the original name.

Another amazing thing about this update is that the new name will take effect starting in January of 2019. Are you thinking about Dunkin Donuts name change, response to Dunkin Donuts name change,what is Dunkin Donuts new name? Keep reading if you want to know why the company has decided to get a new name for its services.

Reason Why Dunkin Donuts Changed Names:

Modernizing the donut and coffee chain remains the major reason why the company changed its name. The company was originally called “Open Kettle” back in 1948 when it first opened. The effort of getting a new name is to bring innovation, creativity and productivity to the operation of Dunkin Donuts.

But What’s the Public Response?

Without any scintilla of doubt, the public has reacted and responded a bit harsh to this change. Some veteran customers and prospective visitors that have used the service of the company question the motive of the change. In fact, many simply mentioned that the company can as well get rid of “Dunkin” to make a balance. Even from the harsh reactions of the public to this name change, many are still maintaining their loyalty to Dunkin Donuts.

What Are The Market Effects Of Dunkin Donuts Name Change?

It is important to know that the company has engaged in extensive testing before making a final decision. Off course, some customers may find it offensive and leave the service. Nevertheless, customers that have enjoyed the quality service the company offers will stick by them. Another bigger picture is that the company will be able to attract other target market audiences and demographics because of this innovation.

Dunkin’s Current Market Position

At the moment, the company has taken a step further to simply its menu to feature a section like Donut Fries. The focus of the company is simply to upgrade its mobile app and beverages. Pastries will always remain a major product on Dunkin Donuts because the company has been able to market over two million nine hundred items from this category yearly.

How Will This Change Dunkin’s Target Market?

Today, sixty percent of sales emanate from drinks according to CNBC. It simply means that Dunkin Donuts will still serve food to both veteran customers and prospective visitors. The change protrudes the concentration of the company on maintaining its familiar iconic font, pink & orange colors while serving great coffee fast. The company has a great opportunity of establishing new energy both outside and inside of its stores through modernization and simplification. It also reflects how the company brings optimism and enthusiasm with every cup.

To Sum Up

The signage on the cups & stores and the display of whatnot remains the only real change the company is making. The company will continue to provide seasonal and new varieties to satisfy customers everywhere even if donuts no longer display on its logo.