Where to Go For Free Stuff on Your Birthday

get free things on your birthday

Everyone loves birthdays, Don’t you? Celebrating one’s birthday comes with expectations of receiving gifts. You can budget for your birthday or go for free birthday stuff. Some places and restaurants offer free birthday gifts.

What you need to Do to Get Free Birthday Gifts

As much as free things are for free, there are terms and conditions you need to follow to get your free birthday gifts.

Sign up for Offers

Restaurants that offer free birthday gifts demand that you signup a week or more before you receive the gifts. Subscription with their links and emails and offers will be dropping in your mail inbox. Restaurants keep updating their links and offers, so ensure you update to stay in check with the changes.

Sign Up For That Club Membership

There are restaurants that you can go for free on your birthday provided you are a member of the club. They offer free stuff exclusively to members. Members who are frequent customers get more benefits during their birthdays.

Go Free and  Stay Fancy

You do not need to budget for your birthday. There are places and restaurants that you can go free on your birthday without membership or subscription. You can show up at Capital Grille for a complimentary dessert for free.

Places In the US that have birthday promotions

California Pizza Kitchen

They offer the free dessert for your birthday. You need to signup for a CPK pizza dough rewards program before you get the free birthday gift. There are other benefits when you join. Members get benefits depending on how often they buy their meals. Some get a free birthday meal.


Benihana is a restaurant based in Florida. The restaurant offers a $30 gift certificate to their members which they can use whenever they have a birthday. They offer filet mignon Hibachi as a free birthday meal.

Black Angus Steak House

Do you enjoy dinner on your birthday? Black Angus Steakhouse is the place to be during your birthday. The restaurant gives free stick dinner and dessert as a free birthday meal. The free birthday stuff comes after signing up with a prime club.


Do you love milkshakes? go for free on your birthday for a small milkshake at checkers. The offer is exclusive to the ‘Flavorhood’ email club members though.


For the lovers of surprises. Cinnabon has a surprise for you during your birthday. The club Cinnabon members receive coupons for a birthday treat. The treat varies as a surprise to each member.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to budget for your birthday. There is a lot of free birthday stuff you can enjoy your birthday. They range from free birthday meals to snacks and treats.